Saturday, 2 October 2010


HOW things change... a few years ago Uganda was the darling of the western world and media to an extend that two sitting American presidents have dropped in for a visit in the recent past bypassing the regions  main economic player KENYA.
M7was good at playing his countries new found eminence by getting his nose and hands into all manner of conflicts which led to the massive deployment of UPDF forces into the then Congo.
Now it seems the chickens are coming to roost.
Uganda has discovered oil  meanwhile...
M7 wants to rule until they kingdom come since he got rid of term limits..
And now it has taken many years since the alleged atrocities by the UPDF took place
What is annoying is that we all knew what had happened at the time but no action or any event was started to look into these things until recently
I think the idea is that they are setting up the stage to pull the plug on M7 and eventually dangle the Hague noose on  his face so that he can  fall in the line.
Remember the ICC has now set up shop in NAIROBI and things are set to role in the region once they sort out the Kenyan post election violence.
The question is how far do we get pushed by these international bodies which are pursuing a one sided agenda to punish Africans while they ignore  crimes elsewhere?.
LETS face it while i do not condone any crimes committed and indeed welcome any function that seeks to investigate and punish the perpetrators, i think the UN is not doing enough to look into events in middle east, far east and even Europe where human rights are being routinely abused these days.

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  1. I don't think there was anything "darling" about it. M7 was used to do a job. And he's had his 15 minutes in the limelight. The overemphasis on Uganda and the obvious snubbing of Kenya has deeper roots than PEV or the anticipation of Kenya's imminent implosion, "Rwanda style", as Western media trumpets were blaring. Langley & Box 850 have better intelligence than that. It was clearly an anti-Kenya rather than pro-Uganda move. A failed attempt to counter Kenya's rising regional dominance? Somehow, that seems more likely. A battle won but a war still raging. And the next battle is already upon us, under the command of one General Ocampo.
    Those responsible must be held accountable, regardless of economic clout or political lineage, especially the fat cats. Impunity just has to go and the rule of law firmly established if we are to fulfill our goals. In that respect, the ICC is a welcome tool. We need to find a way of fully exploiting this without surrendering our sovereignty.