Monday, 4 October 2010


Kenyans have heard enough with absurdities of the current political scene that is unfolding.
We have a fugitive from justice  now straddling the corridors of power and fame  in the name of "sonko".
WE have politicians again stroking  and stoking  for the anti Acampo and ICC  alliances under the tribal cocoons.
HOW can a sitting vice president who hopes to succeed kibaki think that Kenyans are easily hood winked by saying that it was his joining the  government of national unity that brought Peace in the country in 2008?
Kalonzo Musyoka is the biggest turn coat on the Kenyan political scene.
We all know he was all along a  a mole   planted by the KANU/moi strategists who thought that he would win the original ODM presidential nominations, but when that failed they financed his campaigns so heavily in the hope of upstaging the ODM band wagon led by one Raila Odinga whose drum beats were directed at PNU full throttle... but that set the stage for this epic battle which led to the tribal tensions that we saw
NOW it is becoming clear to ICC that there were no plans actively in place for people to kill each other before the elections.
BUT the initial reactions only occurred after the fake results were announced by the KIVUITU gang..so far no evidence has come out that the Eldoret church massacre was preplanned as the media wants us to believe.
This led to the retaliatory attacks that led to those secret meetings with mungiki groups that led to the Naivasha massacre which by all accounts was planned by pro government elements of the ruling clique at  that time.
The security forces mainly the AP and GSU did most of the  deadly work by adopting the shoot to kill policy
The focus for ICC now faces the government and the activities before and after the elections.
SO WHY are KALONZO, MUTULA,and others trying to hide behind the tribal thing and yet there were very few  killings eastern province but  95 percent of the violence took place in Nairobi,rift valley,coast and western Kenya provinces?.
KENYANS MUST DEMAND proper accountability now that we have a new political dispensation
This mbuvi  mheshimiwa must be arrested and explain his past to Kenyans.
The circus  about ICC must stop and these investigators left to knock on every door,turn every stone and  let the devils of the violence come out and be prosecuted so that the ghosts can be laid to rest and Kenyans left to move on.
Hiding behind the so called state security name is not enough....after all  the ONCE  well respected Kenyan state was plunged into this abyss by the defunct GANG of men under one KIVUITU..who to date no one has held to account .

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