Saturday, 16 October 2010


It may sound like wishful thinking now but has anybody ever sat down and thought hard about this and how this  can transform the economies of this region?
Firstly formula one is the pinnacle of motor sport and the technologies involved are mind boggling.
A formula  one car is a serious machine operating from start to finish at an average 18000 revs per minute. The V8 700 to 1000 horse power engine has a gearbox that propels the car from  standstill to speed as  shown here-

0 to 100 km/h (62 mph): 1.7 seconds
0 to 200 km/h (124 mph): 3.8 seconds
0 to 300 km/h (186 mph): 8.6 seconds

The G forces involved are like a modern jet fighter pilot undergoes when he takes his plane through the supersonic speeds and turns.
READ more about formula one here-

NOW why do i think we should have a track  in East Africa to host one formula one race ?
just imagine the revenue we can generate trough tourism.ONE EVENT of formula one has over 1billiion people viewing on TV between Friday  the start of practise and Sunday the race day itself.There is no better advertising platform anywhere on earth better than this.

The teams participating are mobile caravans of engineers,mechanics,media people, advertising executives etc and all these  need accommodation .The expense account of one formula one team can run the whole foreign affairs ministry of Kenya for six months.

WE have game parks and good hotels and the week before and after the event these will be deal for Rest  and relaxation before the next race.
East Africa used to host the world famous Safari Rally and those days we had very healthy tourism numbers of visitors to our region but since we lost that we are no longer on the world stage,despite  the fact that one of the formula one vice presidents for sport is KENYAN named Surinder Thathi who lives  in Tanzania.
All we need is our governments commitment to guarantee the sport and then get Private investors to design and build a racetrack.
The track can be put to good use all year round to host motor shows ,weekend carting races and all manner of motoring activities including race driver training safety promotion etc.
WE could  organize weekend speed days whereby all drivers are encouraged to come and race under controlled conditions  so that we get rid of these speed demons from our roads who cause untold deaths and misery to the public.
This billion dollar  industry can bring many benefits to our region and also spar the infrastructural developments to new heights..that is  why emerging and semi developed economies like INDIA, SOUTH KOREA.,RUSSIA, are  rushing  to cash in on this by agreeing to build formula one tracks on their soil
Places like Singapore, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, are relishing the publicity and exposure the once yearly event brings to them.
IT is expensive to set and run these events but to me the benefits outweigh any costs in the initial set up costs.


  1. I think step 1 should be getting the Safari Rally back on the FIA/WRC calendar. We were kicked out because of lack of organisation and funding and unless we can demonstrate that we're capable of handling the rally at WRC level, I don't think we have a chance at F1.
    Incidentally, there was a fantastic plan from the early '70s to build a track and sports c'plex around Nairobi Dam. That was before water hyacinth and when Kibera was a bit different.

  2. Success!!! I can post and I don't know how.

  3. WELL planet africana....thanks for posting.You can email me your email so that i can send you LINKS FOR posting POSTS on this blog.
    The issue of the FIA/WRC calender was being addressed recently.the FIA PRESIDENT JEAN TODT was in Kenya last week to meet the motoring and sports officials.
    I gather because of lack of information and government apathy nobody from the ministry of sport had any substancial meeting with this FIA president...what a waste of a chance..paste the link below in your browser and read-


    THE FIA by NATURE of its structure places much emphasis on safety and government participation and if these are not addressed there is little chance of KENYA OR East Africa getting back on the calender..
    at the moment South Africa is deemed the front runner.