Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wikileaks May Impact Negatively On USA war On Terrorism In Eastern Africa.

The furore caused by the wiki leaks reports from various capitals around the world to Washington will have far reaching consequences on US relations with governments in the Eastern Africa region.

Already the heat generated by the leaks in Kenya has caused so  much anger and disbelief that for once both the president and prime minister have publicly declared unity of purpose that is rare  and only comparable to the unity displayed during the constitutional referendum campaigns.

Kenya long seen as the main US bastion of security and cooperation in the region has felt betrayed by the seemingly harsh and mostly unsubstantiated allegations of official government corruption,drug dealing and other vices including arms running on behalf of south Sudan.

The Obama  administration through its ambassador in Kenya has been pushing for youth empowerment as a means for forcing change by funding programs through US AID designed to give youth more active participation  in the countries political dispensation.

The Kenya government has reacted with anger and it seems very soon  the position of the Current USA ambassador in Kenya will soon be untenable and  it may be the best option for the ambassador to be pulled out soonest.

IT is too early to see how the  situation will impact on the excellent military ties between the two countries but we can foresee a situation where  Kenya will seek ways to reduce reliance on the USA for some of its military programmes.

Also Kenya being the dominant economy and telecoms hub in the region may limit cooperation with the USA on the war on terror,after  all Kenyans have suffered more attacks because of perceived  close ties to the USA in the past. and the government will feel betrayed by the actions of the embassy officials
who are giving reports to Washington based on part gossip and speculation.

It will  be harder for anyone to trust the Americans now and most governments will be very care full to limit any official inter actions to need  to do only and this will lead to intelligence gathering activities becoming more challenging.
Obama  needs to move very fast in dealing with this situation because as far as it can be seen relations with the USA will never be the same again.

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