Tuesday, 26 October 2010

NEW military purchases in kenya spark fresh public scrutiny and outrage.

Reports in a section of the Kenyan media seem to uncover another allegedly suspect military spending  on new AP Cs from South Africa costing over 1.6 billion Kenya shillings.
This has forced the Kenyan top general, General JEREMIAH KIANGA to step into this saga-
The report in the Kenyan daily the standard which has strong links with the former regime of moi suggests that senior military  officials in the DOD HQ have conspired to cir cum navigate strict procurement rules and resulting  in awarding a tender to a South African firm to supply unknown number of armoured personnel vehicles to the  Kenya army.

The  report alleges that the officers even breached a direct instruction from the chief of general staff himself and  went on to award the tender without following the laid down rules.
Kenya's top general ,General Kianga.
NOW two things come to mind-
1)why of  the last four remaining tenderer's three were from South Africa and only one was from outside Africa.
2)How did  the military  procurement unit sign  off a whooping 800 million down payment  without any one even the minister in  charge of defence being in the picture.

This brings to question the whole accountability process and coming  when Kenyans  are in a new political dispensation where they expect public employees to be above reproach
The 4 billion naval purchase of the Kenyan navy seven years ago is yet to be resolved and the rumors of the  expected upgrade of the Kenyan air force are yet  to  materialize.
This seems to show that the Kenyan government is committed and has  the ability to  equip its armed forces but a few individuals in the system are   sabotaging  the effort  for unknown  reasons.
This state of affairs must not be allowed to continue.
WE are keeping things  under observation and more will be blogged here  very soon.

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