Tuesday, 19 October 2010


A new intelligence gathering outfit operating as a risk assessment advisor for Middle East and Eastern Africa has reportedly set up an operations base in Addis ABABA  and Nairobi.

The outfit operating under the name N49 INTELLIGENCE{ ETHIOPIA} is being run by  a former British army anti terrorist specialist MARK Fitt who has an office in London  as well.
The  London side of things is being coordinated by two high flying law specialists Olivier Tonkin and Kin Kenard.

The Ethiopian side of things is being done  by Antony Shaw  a former British  foreign office consultant  who is also said to have done  work for the Ethiopian government.

The regional  chief of operations  is a former employee of the Ethiopian government who is using only initials K.M.

Activities at  the Nairobi side of things  are  being operated by one  named Val J who was a former adviser to the foreign office as well between 1998 up to early 2010.He is said to  have links with some Kenyan  officials whereby he is rumored to have also carried out  some work for them.The nature of work done is unspecified.

Antony Shaw has already hit the ground running by producing two reports covering the situation in Ogaden regions  and the other covering the Afar regions of Ethiopia for  this new outfit.
The new N49 intelligence is mainly concerned with giving  companies operating in the region risk assessment and analyst services.

It is not known if any official governments will operate with such outfits while it is  well known that most governments prefer doing things directly unless the level of risk involved goes beyond established lines of communication whereby third party operatives  may give a front for operational practices.
WHAT is most striking is why there is an explosion of interests from various Western powers and multi national conglomerates  in all matters east African ..is it to counter the growing Chinese influence or what?


  1. Ultimatelly this is bad for Kenya. this guy's buisness interests will clash with our national interests and i hate to imagine what may happen.

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