Monday, 18 October 2010


Kenyan president arriving for official function riding the ceremonial land rover
The commander of Kenya's administration police Mr mbugua
Kenyan presidential motorcade heading for a ceremonial function
Kenya army military jeeps and Humvee heading for a public function
Kenya police pass out parade
Kenya military parade practice
Kenya military early morning warm up drill
Kenya navy marching practice
Kenya administration police jungle practices
Kenya military brass band marching past
Kenya administration police pass out parade
Kenya regular police marching practice at pass out
Kenya army artillery piece
Kenya administration police enter the stadium
section of Kenya army green berets
Kenya army artillery guns
Kenya military parade awaiting presidential inspection
Kenyan top general( J kianga,) seated next to vice president( musyoka) and prime minister(raila) of Kenya
top rated general service unit( GSU) of Kenya police march past
Kenyan military men and tanks rolling by
Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki inspects the GSU  police unit
Taking the salute Kenya's top  military men
Kenyan military hardware
Kenyan assorted military hardware awaiting inspection at march past practices
Kenya army tank
Kenya military display  Kenyan flag


  1. I see many are still-shots taken from a video. Could you post the NTV link please? Much appreciated.

  2. just go to the 27th august promulgation parade videos on NTV,KTN OR CITIZEN tv reports and from here you can use your windows7 sniping tool to cut and upload any photo you want.
    IT is a lengthy process and i am yet to perfect it.but as you can see it works very well once you get the hang of it