Friday, 1 October 2010

EAST AFRICA, where big things will happen.

We East Africans must now become of age...just imagine our combined resources, our peoples diversities, the endless god given natural talents in sports,in land in lakes and in  hydrocarbons

WE need to think, talk and act big.
We need to show the world that we are the cradle of mankind and that united we can make the region safer
We need to sort out failed states like Somalia and work to eliminate piracy.
We need to tell the world we can  unite  and make a difference all the way for ourselves.
We need to stop being looked down upon by all manner of foreign interested agents who are hell bent on grabbing our resources.

we need to say enough is enough...and our leaders,
KIBAKI,MUSEVENI,KAGAME,BASHIR,KIKWETE,KABILA,ZENAWI..please rise up  and stand up for your people..do not let the world look them down., and work to ensure the South Sudanese  come of age .


  1. perfect headstart Spiderman.

  2. Good show, Spiderman

  3. @vitruvian
    thanks for the encouragement and your views are always wellcome
    karibu sana

  4. sorry for getting in so late. kushikika kiasi. anyone heard the rumours that Navy are slotted to take comand of the military this year in form of gen. mwathethe?

  5. @Jasiri
    MY PLEASURE to well come you to this humble blog..barely on its feet... am honoured that you have taken time to post ..thank you and please feel free to bring up any issues that you feel will help as grow
    ABOUT GENERAL Mwathethe i heard these whispers just before the last council meeting .
    am told they are waiting to see how the matters involving some procurement issues especially the navy ship in Spain will blow over
    Remember major general Mwathethe was the chief of systems for defence procurement when the whole specification of the was worked out
    WE SHALL know the story before the 12th december 2010.